Alpine Beer Company

alpine_frontIf you don’t know of, or have never been to the Alpine Beer Company, then you’re missing out on true craftsmanship. Owner Pat McIlhenney, a retired Fire Fighter Captain and local to Alpine began making home brew in the early 1980’s, keeping in mind his ultimate goal of one day opening his own brewery.

After many years of experimenting, attending beer science classes, and apprenticing, Pat opened the Alpine Beer Company in 2002.  Originally wanting to be a neighborhood place and make beer for the Alpine locals he soon realized that his skill, know-how, and expertise had made Alpine beers some of the most sought after in the world.  Yes, I said, “world!”

alpine_barPat has met several travelers who have made the long journey, driving straight from the San Diego International Airport right to the Alpine Beer Company. He said he has been amazed by the response.  People from France, Germany, and South America as well as countless others from all over the United States and Canada are coming to taste his award winning beer.

Due to the overwhelming response he realized that in order to satisfy the demand of his customers he needed to expand, so he did. The expansion was completed in 2009 which greatly increased his capacity and enabled him to give the customers more of what they wanted, or even needed.

Adjacent to the brewery is the Pub where you can indulge in a pint or two as well as sample the menu inspired by Pat.  And guess what?  Yes, there is beer in some of the recipes.  That’s a given.

I had the Beef Brisket Sandwich, a toasted sweet roll topped with copious amounts of sliced brisket smothered in house made barbeque sauce. Smoky, hearty, and flavorful.  Served with coleslaw it is a definite must have when dining.

alpine_beersOn occasion the Alpine Beer Company brews a special release.  If you have ever driven by and seen a line pouring out the door down the sidewalk and wondered what is going on, it may be due to cultish anticipation and limited supply of another one of Pat’s creations.

Alpine Beer Company is truly a diamond in the rough.

In closing Pat wanted to ask all those who read this article for some feedback.  There is talk about the old Bread Basket location in the Alpine Creek Shopping Center being up for lease.  With that, the Alpine Beer Company Pub may entertain a move to a larger location due to the overwhelming response and its popularity if it gathers enough support.  To offer your feedback email Pat McIlhenney:

If you’re in the neighborhood or not, stop by the Alpine Beer Company located at: 2351 Alpine Blvd. Alpine, CA 91901 phone # (619) 445-2337.