jason_holmes_200Why, you ask? I started this blog as a way to showcase this beautiful part of California, the Southern part, from seasonal produce, fresh seafood, independent ranchers’ livestock and poultry. I started it to enlighten all of the different cultures we embrace. And yes, Southern Californians who are not aware, and those around the country that may think we are behind the curve as far as our restaurant and food culture goes. Our cutting edge Chefs, restaurateurs, and citizens will stand on mountain tops and proclaim otherwise. My purpose is to educate, enlighten and even amuse those who graciously have chosen to follow me, The Fork Lifter.

Me? I graduated from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco in 1999. Since then I have held just about every job there is, from Prep Cook to Restaurant Owner and Culinary Instructor. Now, I guess I can add Blogger to the list.

My Philosophy? Keep it simple and don’t get crazy with it. Three to Five ingredients is all you need to create amazing dishes. I believe we should support local farmers, fisherman, independent ranchers, and local businesses from smaller single locations to larger successful restaurateurs because it ties us together as a community and spreads the knowledge of our resources as a region.

So, grab your forks and join me as I take you through my experiences and journeys around this beautiful region.